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Cleaning Safety

At WINABIHA Agency Ltd, we understand the importance of safety during cleaning. We take precautions from the obvious hazards, such as wet floors, to the not so obvious, such as mixing ammonia and bleach.

When cleaning, we follow these good cleaning practices and safety tips:

  • We reduce slips and falls by placing anti-slip strips on rugs
  • We wear rubber gloves to avoid contact with chemicals
  • We do not mix chemicals for any reason
  • We secure cleaning products away from the reach of children and pets
  • We always dilute concentrated cleaning products before use
  • We ventilate rooms before we clean
  • We always read the instructions before use

If you have any questions about the cleaning products Winabiha Agency uses, be sure to ask.

Cleaning Tips

Maintaining your building involves keeping it clean, safe, and hygienic for staff, customers, and the general public.

Keep floor mats in front of all entrances to the building. This will help cut down on dirt, sand, and grime that can be tracked through the building. It’s also ideal to keep the entrance ways clean to reduce the amount of soil from entering the building.

Clean up stains that spilled on the floor immediately after they occur. This will help to prevent stains from becoming permanent.

Never use chemicals on the floor unless you know that they can be used for your floor type or are recommended by the flooring manufacturer.

Use furniture protectors beneath tables, couches, and other furniture to prevent damage to the floor. Take care when moving furniture and other heavy objects to prevent scratches and nicks.

Hot water should never be used to mop floors, as this can cause damage. Many people are unaware of these warnings, making it increasingly important to hire an experienced cleaning service company like Winabiha Agency.