"Our Promise: Treat Every Home Like It's Your Own Home"

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Our Services

WINABIHA Agency Ltd stands behind skills of its well-trained manpower and guarantees that work will be done always competently and responsibly. Our employees will pay careful attention to ensure that standards of cleanliness are maintained. The cleaning agents we use are strictly in accordance with safety regulations and manufacturer’s recommendations.

House Keeping

Housekeeping is more than just how to use a moper and broom. Get highly effective housekeeping and cleaning services from our professional house maids. Get your home or office cleaned and organized with specific instructions for every room.

Source of Labour

We provide both skilled and unskilled labourers with years of experience in different fields and occupations.

Interior Designing

We offer professional interior designing that will lighten up your home or organization Whether your home has 10 bedrooms, or your organization has 100 offices, our designers are well experienced for any type of interior designing.

Property Consultation

We provide property consultation services with knowledge in all aspects of leasing, management and buying and selling of property. We offer professionalism, expertise, and sound planning to effectively help you with any issue regarding your property or investment.

Distributors of Imported Goods

We distribute and supply quality imported goods from the world's best re-known manufactures and international resellers. Our products are genuine and we always make sure we provide our clients with the latest products available on the market.