"Our Promise: Treat Every Home Like It's Your Own Home"

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Why Choose Us

We are dedicated to build a long term relationship with our customers support. through trustworthiness, transparency and efficiency.

As Part of Our Service We Ensure;

  • Only the most modern premium quality equipment is used
  • All staffs are screened and fully trained by us to our excellent standards
  • Thew use of appropriate cleaning chemicals
  • Cleaning chemicals/ Detergents are used in a safe way not to harm delicate or valuable surfaces.
  • At most care is taken to protect walls, furniture and other office equipment
  • Your office, regulations and customs become part of our culture.
  • Distinguishing, cleaning uniforms are worn by our staff at all times.
  • Courtesy, neatness and co-operation are the order of the day.
  • Site supervisor is a visible and effective component of the package we provide.


WINABIHA Agency Ltd stands behind skills of its well-trained manpower and guarantees that work will be done always competently and responsibly. Our employees will pay careful attention to ensure that standards of cleanliness are maintained. The cleaning agents we use are strictly in accordance with safety regulations and manufacturer’s recommendations.